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Training and Behavior

We have many fun, convenient classes every week. There's something for every dog, from puppies to advanced students. We offer one-on-one and small group lessons too!


Daisy getting her first agility title!

For our current schedule of training and classes, please call 610.296.9243.

We suggest an initial private lesson before enrollment in many of our classes to make sure your pet is in the class that's right for them.

Classes We Offer

Private Training and Behavioral Consultations

We are known for our behavioral work, helping dogs heal through proper assessment and implementation of appropriate techniques. We also offer one-on-one training for manners, performance sports and the conformation ring.

We start our relationship training with a one-on-one session. This opportunity affords a get-to-know as well as a baseline familiarization of our methodology which is based in the principles of operant conditioning. Any specific situations are able to be addressed at this initial meeting.

  • Ages – Any

Puppy Kindergarten

Dogs are social animals by nature, and it's important to give puppies opportunities to learn and play with others. Puppy Kindergarten emphasizes proper socialization and gives young dogs the foundation of trust they need to move on to more advanced classes.

  • Ages – 3-6 months old
  • Previous Classes – None required

Manners Classes

Good manners are about more than just getting a pet to do what we want. The right training can keep your dog safe, and makes for more harmonious relationships. We teach dogs and families all the skills they need to build better relationships.

Level 1
  • Ages – 6 months +
  • Previous Classes – None (Private Lesson required?)
Level 2
  • Ages – 8 months +
  • Previous Classes – Manners Level 1
Level 3
  • Ages – 10 months +
  • Previous Classes – Manners Level 1 & 2

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Testing

Getting your CGC is the first step towards more advanced training and exciting activities like Rally and Obedience. We test dogs for the CGC as part of our Manners level classes (see above), but can arrange to test any dog in a private session. To learn more about the requirements for the CGC, visit the AKC website.


Rally is a new dog sport that is growing rapidly. The canine/handler team competes at their own pace, navigating a course that is contains from 10 to 20 "stations". It's a great first step towards Agility or obedience competition. The competition levels are Novice, Advanced and Excellent. Learn more about Rally at the AKC website.

  • Ages – 1 year +
  • Previous Classes – Manners Level 1 + CGC


This is an exciting sport for both dogs and handlers. Dogs are directed through an obstacle course while "off-leash", and and handlers use body language and verbal cues to guide the dog. We start dogs off in a safe environment and gradually work up to more challenging moves. Puppy Foundation classes for agility are available. Learn more about agility at AKC website.

  • Ages – 1 year +
  • Previous Classes – Manners Level 1 + CGC


Obedience Trials are competitions where dogs show their knowledge and training of commands. Obedience training is also a great way to build a strong bond with your canine partner. Learn more about Obedience Training at AKC website.

  • Ages – 1 year +
  • Previous Classes – Manners Level 1 + CGC